Setting and Changing Collation – SQL Server 2008

You can change the collation of sql server without uninstalling. Lets discuss the necessary steps for changing collation for sql server.

Steps for changing collation

  • Take backup of all the databases & logins exists in the server for safer side.
  • Detach all the user databases
  • Insert SQL Server 2008 CD DVD into drive.
  • Below is the syntax for changing the collation at serverlevel, please note that this will rebuild all the system databases in that instance/.
setup.exe /q /ACTION=RebuildDatabase /INSTANCENAME=InstanceName /SAPWD="New SA Password" /SQLCollation=CollationName /SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS="Admin ID"



/q – perform silent installation

/Action – We are rebuilding the system databases to change the collation hence the parameter is always RebuildDatabase only

/INSTANCENAME – Name of the instance you are going to change the collation

/SAPWD – Provide new password for SA login

/SQLCollation – Provide the new collation name of SQL Server

/SQLSYSADMINACCOUNTS – Provide a account name which has admin rights in sql server. Please note that this account should be windows authenticated account having sysadmin privilege in sql server

  • Once its done check the new collation of sql server
  • Attach all the user databases to SQL Server and r

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